How To Rise Above the Noise and Get Noticed


How do you stand out in an overcrowded or already saturated industry, or market?

The, literally, is the million-dollar question.  Nowadays it feels like pretty much every industry is saturated and every market is absolutely full. Here’s what we suggest, these are two things that have worked well for many of our clients.

There’s a lot of “say me’s” out there and what we mean by “say me’s,” there are businesses that look at what everyone else in the industry is doing, and they copy it. They will look at their competitor’s website and make their website exactly the same.   Or they may look at other businesses’ programs or content, or products and they just rip them off.   These seem to be common practices in almost every industry.


What you want to do is to not be looking at what everyone else in your industry is doing.  We  suggest you look OUTSIDE of our industry.  Anytime you get out into other industries and find inspiration, try and bring that inspiration back into what you do in your business and marketing. If you do that, you will begin to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

The other thing you can do is this keep focused on what you want your business to be about.  Don’t be afraid to bring your other passions, your philosophies in life into whatever your business is.

An example is a client who really liked hip-hop music.  She has  found a unique way to bring in hip-hop and business, and blend them. It makes her stand out from every other “business coach” out there or every other “writer” out there.  She is bringing in her passions and it helps her stand apart from everyone else in the field.

If you love cooking, or sports, or you have an obsession with collectible, whatever it might be; see if you can build that into your business, build it into your About You page. Bring it in somehow and make it relevant.

Now it’s your time to get creative.  Tell us how you can incorporate your passions into your business!

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