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How To Rise Above the Noise and Get Noticed

WHAT CAN YOU DO YOUR COMPETITORS CAN’T? How do you stand out in an overcrowded or already saturated industry, or market? The, literally, is the million-dollar question.  Nowadays it feels like pretty much every industry is saturated and every market is absolutely full. Here’s what we suggest, these are two things that have worked well … Continue reading How To Rise Above the Noise and Get Noticed

Small business video marketing

Small Business Video Marketing

Online video marketing is becoming more widespread as more and more small business owners begin to realise it’s power. Currently, we see the internet as predominately text based.  However, in the next 10 years  it will be transformed into much more of a TV type medium. Small businesses need to get onboard now while the … Continue reading Small Business Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Benefits of Small Business Video Marketing

Grow Your Business With Video Marketing   Let’s start off with some statistics for those who want statistics. Then we’ll give you the entertainment value for those who love entertainment in the second half. Here are the benefits of video marketing.    92 percent of B2B customers watch video online. The second reason to have … Continue reading Benefits of Small Business Video Marketing